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I stepped on my laptop screen and cracked it. I took it in Tuesday afternoon. Cutting Edge gave me a reasonable price estimate and told me about damage to the screen hinge, which they could fix. They called me twice updating me on the status of my computer, one of the times was after they closed. My computer was ready to be picked up the next morning and it looks as good as new! I don’t think you could receive better service. I’d recommend Cutting Edge to anyone with computer problems.

Hannah Foster

Our family has used Cutting Edge Computer Solutions on four occasions in the last three years and we are very pleased with the results and costs of the repairs. In all those instances Stan was very helpful, explaining the possible problem and the likely expense to fix it. The turn around time was excellent, usually within one or two days. We will continue to use Cutting Edge for our computer repair needs and highly recommend them to others.

Bob BaxterSample Company

Cutting Edge Computer Solutions, is a great solutions company with a great staff. I have been working with Cutting Edge for over 5 years and they have been honest and straight forward with there assesments. I have the support of a Corporate IT department, but there are are times that the simple solutions from Cutting Edge save me down time.

Thanks – Stan and Teresa


Lou Diaz

I have a couple local restaurants here in Vancouver and last week one location took a surge/spike that toasted my Point of Sale system touch screen and all, and Stan and Teresa both came out to the restaurant and worked to diagnose the POS was beyond repair which for us meant some major troubles and loss of revenue.

Knowing our desperate situation Stan was able to take another system we had for printing menus and with the help of Teresa running for the needed parts to do it they were able to create a new temporary POS system driven by a mouse and a standard monitor and saved the software off our old system that allowed us to get through the weekend with $0.00 loss of revenue.

As if that wasn’t enough…..
Then called us back the next day to see how were doing and to tell us where to find a touch monitor that would work with our outdated software and OS.

These folks are amazing and I will forever remember what they did for me and my staff, I have been around technicians several times in the past and Have never met one who truly made me feel like my problem was way more important then the $$ he could make off of me… They could have easily sold me a system from his shop that could have been ready in a couple days but instead he made use of what we had, modified it so we could continue without loss!

THANK YOU BOTH so much for what you did, I had heard very good things about you prior to this but this was way above and beyond!

Jeff Boyer

I run Mickler & Associates, Inc. – a tech consultancy here in Vancouver. I had a situation the other week where I had to seek some hardware support for a hard disk array on a client’s machine. Stan at Cutting Edge Computer Solutions spent extra time and effort fixing it – I couldn’t recommend Stan and his service more! Awesome attention to service and customer needs! Thank you, Stan!

Russell Mickler

Old habits die hard even when my regular resources have got less helpful and more expensive over the years, so on the recommendation of a friend I tried Cutting Edge for the first time and while my need was small this time, I can definitely say I’ll be back for everything from now on.

Kahlil Breithaupt

Over the years Stan has built and maintained a number of computers for my personal use. He has always provided the highest level of quality in his workmanship and knowledge about the systems I have purchased. He is more than willing to answer any questions that I might have. His computers have opoerated with minimal problems over the years.

Stan Capon

I have been using Cutting Edge Computers for six years now. No matter what the problem is Stan and Tereas are always there to help me. I have a home business so I don’t have a “help desk” that I could turn to until I met Stan. Whether it is a phone call for help or if I need to take my computer into the shop, I always recieve quick and friendly help. I am not a computer “geek” so things are always explained in a language that I can understand. I have told Stan more than once “you go out of business I will have to also!”Cutting Edge Comp. is the only place I reccommend to all my friends and business associates because I know they will be in goog hands. Keep up the good work Stan & Tereas and thank you for being there for me.

Kathy Donner

Stan is the man, for all my computer problems. Since I retired I have forgotten everything I learned and used in the computer field. Stan has been friendly and always helpful with even the smallest problem I may have. He takes his time in explaining what is wrong and fixes my computer fast so I can go back home and create more problems. Stan is always friendly,on the phone for a small glitch, or if I need to bring my equipment in to his shop for a more serious problem. Without him, I would be lost.

Kara Seabeck

My company has been using cutting edge for a few years for our computer maintence, and repairs. We recently moved to a new building had they were great. They set up the network, got us new computers ect. Very honest, Always tells it like it is!

Pros: Will come to you