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I have a couple local restaurants here in Vancouver and last week one location took a surge/spike that toasted my Point of Sale system touch screen and all, and Stan and Teresa both came out to the restaurant and worked to diagnose the POS was beyond repair which for us meant some major troubles and loss of revenue.

Knowing our desperate situation Stan was able to take another system we had for printing menus and with the help of Teresa running for the needed parts to do it they were able to create a new temporary POS system driven by a mouse and a standard monitor and saved the software off our old system that allowed us to get through the weekend with $0.00 loss of revenue.

As if that wasn’t enough…..
Then called us back the next day to see how were doing and to tell us where to find a touch monitor that would work with our outdated software and OS.

These folks are amazing and I will forever remember what they did for me and my staff, I have been around technicians several times in the past and Have never met one who truly made me feel like my problem was way more important then the $$ he could make off of me… They could have easily sold me a system from his shop that could have been ready in a couple days but instead he made use of what we had, modified it so we could continue without loss!

THANK YOU BOTH so much for what you did, I had heard very good things about you prior to this but this was way above and beyond!

Jeff Boyer