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On-Site Services

Preventative Maintenance

In cases where downtime would be disastrous, we offer preventative maintenance. What this entails is regular system checkups to catch issues before downtime occurs. We make sure Antivirus and Windows software is up to date and functioning properly. We check for system errors that might be missed by the average user. We make sure unnecessary programs are not being installed by your users, and if they are, we remove them. Being on location allows us to see possible environmental factors that may otherwise be missed. Call and schedule an appointment.

Virus and Malware Removal

Computer Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and more recently Ransomware are all risks with being connected to the internet. They come in many forms from popup advertisements, redirecting website links, fake antivirus programs and more. Keeping Windows and Antivirus updated is the best method to keep your computer and valuable data protected. However even with an active antivirus on your system you still can get a virus and that is where we come in. Not only will we remove those nasty infections, we will make sure your antivirus is up to date along with Java and Adobe Flash Player.

Common symptoms of an infection include but not limited to

  • Popup Advertisements (on and offline)
  • Browser redirects you to somewhere you didn’t intend
  • Windows and or internet running slow or freezing
  • A program locking you out of your computer requiring a payment.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Do you want to share files between multiple computers? Maybe you want to print to your office printer while reclining in the front room. Networking your computers, printers and other network capable devices can make life much easier. We can setup your wireless network so that it is secure and allow you the freedom to roam through your home while staying connected. If you currently have Ethernet ran, we can hardwire your devices as well.

Printer Setup / Network

Most printers do more than print; they scan, fax and copy too. Do you want your new printer hooked up to individual computer or network it to allow all of your capable devices to use it? We will setup and test the printer while also showing you how to use it if requested.


We can come to your location and help you with deciding on what hardware would best suit your situation or what would be an efficient way to setup your network. Maybe you only have some questions regarding your current setup; we can help with that too.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your computer not booting into Windows? Is it locking up or freezing? Do you get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death? Whatever the case may be, we will run your system through our extensive diagnostics to find out what’s causing your problem and recommend a repair. If the required repair is not cost effective, we will also give you recommendations on what to look for in a new computer. With being onsite we are able to see environment factors that would be missed if the computer is brought in.

New System Setup

Most people don’t realize how beneficial it is to have a computer setup properly with the most user-friendly settings, right off the bat. It is highly recommended that Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 users have a trained technician set up your computer before you initially turn it on. Right out of the box, your new computer will ask questions related to system settings, some of which can change how the computer will use the internet.

What can be done for my new computer?

  • Your user data, Pictures, Documents, Music etc., can be transferred from your old computer.
  • Programs installed and updated.  (Office, Outlook, Antivirus, QuickBooks, iTunes )
  • Set a default user preferred internet browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, with choice of homepage.
  • Update the system with the current service packs and windows updates.
  • Create your computers recovery media. This is the software you’ll need if you ever have a hard drive failure.
  • Configure the system’s backup options, so all you have to do it plug the device in when prompted.

We’ll make the transition to your new computer as easy as possible, if you’re unfamiliar with Windows 8.1, we’ll even give you a brief tutorial to help you ease in.