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Laptop Repairs

Keyboard Repair

When you type, do your keys crunch, stick or not respond at all? Did some liquid spill on your keyboard? Did your toddler pull off a couple of keys? We can reattach those loose keys or replace the keyboard if that is required.

LCD Screen Repair

Did you drop your laptop or drop something on your laptop cracking your screen? Does your laptop turn on but your screen does not? We will diagnose your issue to determine if your screen needs to be replaced. Since we stock the most common size screens in store, we are able to replace the defective screen getting you up and running quickly.

DC Power Jack Repair

Does your screen change from bright to dim, or require the power cable be pulled tight for the laptop to power on? These are all symptoms of a damaged DC power Jack. In certain laptops, prolonged use unrepaired, will result in a damaged motherboard. We will repair or replace the DC jack to get your laptop working as normal.

Cooling Fan Repair

Overheating, grinding noise from the vents or a “CPU Fan error” on boot up could be caused by a failing or failed cooling fan. We can determine if your heatsink is clogged or your cooling fan needs to be replaced. Its best to get this repaired sooner than later since heat can damage other internal components making the repair more costly.

Screen Hinge Repair

Is your laptop coming apart where the screen attaches to the base? This could be a broken hinge and if not fixed quickly can result is damage to the motherboard or screen. We will replace the broken hinge so your laptop will open and close correctly to prevent further damage.

Hard Drive Replacement

There is one sure thing that can be said about a hard drive, it will fail. When it does we can replace that failed drive with a similar size drive or even upgrade to a Solid State Drive (SSD). We will reinstall your operating system and required device drivers getting your computer back up and running, possibly even better than it ever has, if upgraded to an SSD.

Since hard drives do fail, and sometimes without notice, it’s important to keep your valuable data backed up regularly. If you did not have a current backup we may be able to recover your data. However since there is no guarantee that data can be recovered from a failed drive a backup is highly suggested. Ask us more about your options.

Virus and Malware Removal

Computer Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and more recently Ransomware are all risks with being connected to the internet. They come in many forms from popup advertisements, redirecting website links, fake antivirus programs and more. Keeping Windows and Antivirus updated is the best method to keep your computer and valuable data protected. However even with an active antivirus on your system you still can get a virus and that is where we come in. Not only will we remove those nasty infections, we will make sure your antivirus is up to date along with Java and Adobe Flash Player.

Common symptoms of an infection include but not limited to

  • Popup Advertisements (on and offline)
  • Browser redirects you to somewhere you didn’t intend
  • Windows and or internet running slow or freezing
  • A program locking you out of your computer requiring a payment.

Computer Tune-Ups

Over time your computer can pick up junk programs, browser attachments, unnecessary items that run automatically and or programs that just need to be updated. Computers may also slow down due to program updates that change their original hardware requirements. For this reason we may recommend a memory upgrade if it is cost effective and will significantly improve the performance. Our tune-ups will have your computer running to the best of its capabilities.

We have many customers that will bring their computer in for a yearly checkup / tune-up, this is a good time to update your antivirus program to the latest version. It’s also a good rule of thumb to have your computer blown out at least once a year. Blowing out the system is often neglected simply because you can’t necessarily see inside the computer. This can cause the computer to slowdown or over heat causing other problems. Bring it in and let us take care of it for you.

Internet Security

Computers have become the target for hackers and viruses that look for and exploit vulnerabilities in Windows, internet browsers, and other programs, that’s why it’s so important to keep these all up to date.

Did you know, most Internet Service providers (Comcast, Centurylink) have available, for you to download, an antivirus program? It’s something to consider if you’re paying yearly for a subscription.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your computer not booting into Windows? Is it locking up or freezing? Do you get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death? Whatever the case may be, we will run your system through our extensive diagnostics to find out what’s causing your problem and recommend a repair. If the required repair is not cost effective, we will also give you recommendations on what to look for in a new computer.

Operating System Installation

There are many reasons to reinstall an operating system. Reinstallations eliminate Windows corruption, damage caused by viruses, accumulated junk software and a variety of other problems. In many cases it’s quicker than trying to troubleshoot a problem. If you’re in a time crunch, this may be a good option for you. The down side is reinstalling all the programs you’ve installed since you bought the computer. The upside, confidence knowing your computer is performing at its optimum potential.

If your computer was corrupted by a virus, a failed Windows update or you just want a fresh windows install to get your computer running, we can do that too. Not only will we install any relevant service packs and all current Windows updates, we will install and update your preferred antivirus.

Software Updating

Why is it important to keep Windows and currently installed programs updated? Updates fix compatibility issues and patch vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers and viruses. By not installing security updates, you are essentially making it easier to get infected or have other problems.

Data Backup, Transfer Services

A proper backup is having your data in two locations, in case one fails, you have the other. Setting up a proper backup can get very complicated depending on amount of data, required security, and method being used. Come in, tell us your needs and we’ll make a recommendation that best suits you or your office. We can also set up a system backup set so you don’t forget future backups.

Touchpad Repair / Replacement

Touchpad problems can cause severe frustration. All you want to do is click a link or close a tab and your touchpad has you jumping around the page to who knows where. If using a mouse is not an option or you’d just like to restore functionality, we can help. Bring in your laptop so we can take a look and get a better idea of reparability.